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Safe hosting, integrated payment, unstoppable, decentralized, the new filesharing ecosystem

The INTERNET is in the middle of a REVOLUTION


Centralized proprietary services
..are being replaced with
Decentralized open ones 1)
Trusted parties
..are being replaced with
Verifiable computation
Brittle location addresses
..are being replaced with
Resilient content addresses
Inefficient monolithic services
..are being replaced with
Peer-to-Peer algorithmic markets

1) IPFS has proven the utility of content-addressing by decentralizing the web itself, serving billions of files used across a global peer-to-peer network. It lib erates data from silos, survives network partitions, works offline, routes around censorship, and gives permanence to digital information

​2) Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other blockchain networks have proven the utility of decentralized transaction ledgers. These systems are the first instances of internet-wide Open Services, where participants form a decentralized network providing useful services for pay, with no central management or trusted parties.

Trusted global distribution of digital content with UltraUpload.io

UltraUpload.io is a decentralized storage network that turns cloud storage into an algorithmic market.

This creates a powerful incentive for all participants as Uploader, Publisher (Websites), Hoster, Downloader (pay very small fees) to amass as much traffic as they can.

The protocol weaves these amassed resources into a self-healing bandwidth network that anybody in the world can rely on. The P2Pcore of the network achieves robustness by replicating and dispersing content, while automatically detecting and repairing replica failures. Several replication parameters protect against different threat models. The protocol’s cloud storage network also provides security, as content is encrypted end-to-end at the client, while storage providers do not have access to decryption keys. UltraUpload works as an incentive layer on top of IPFS [1], which can provide storage infrastructure for any data. It is especially useful for decentralizing data, building and running distributed applications and implementing smart contracts.
​ UltraUpload protocol provides a data storage and retrieval service via a network of independent storage providers that does not rely on a single coordinator, where:

  1. Clients pay to retrieve data
  2.  Storage Miners earn cash by offering bandwidth (not storage)
  3. Uploaders and
  4. Publishers (Linkprovider, Website-Owner) participate in any payment.


Unique Benefits for Uploader

  • Early bird benefits: The first uploader for a given file (hash unique) will earn all self defined uploader-revenues for a lifetime! Download and reupload of content will not circumvent that flow of revenue. 
  • Fully anonymous: as all files are dechunked on your local machine. A hoster will never know what you are uploading. A hoster receives only chunks from your IP. 
  • Publisher friendly : An uploader can declare if all publisher shall be noticed about the new content or only a subset or none, if an uploader wants to act as an exclusive publisher too. 
“Upload your content, we provide the payment engine!”


Unique Benefits for Downloader

  • Fully anonymous! While within a peer to peer network (Bittorrent) everybody can watch what you download (and upload!), as everybody can be your peer, a download here is protected twice:
    1. only the hoster itself can see your IP
    2. the hoster has no knowledge about the content or even the filename.
    You download only senseless pieces (chunks) of a file from each hoster. The rechunk process will be done on your local machine, regenerating the original file.
  • Ultra fast! As a Server is faster than a p2p-network, here you use up to 10 Server (each for a chunk) in parallel. The hoster network acts as a superfast download cache-shell around the robust, decentralized, uncensored p2p kernel.
  • Very low fees: Because all server compete for the chance to host, the cheapest hoster will provide you.
  • Secure: No malicious ads, no virus, no malware, since you never have to visit a hoster website.

Ultrafast + anonymous downloads + streams[/expand]


Advantages for publishers

  • No censorship-hassle: All take down notices, DMCA requests, trademark claims, government censorships, user comments are handled centrally by deactivating the link within the network.
  • No database necessary: Once registered, you receive new content links by mail, RSS or within your account. Easy drag + drop on your website, which can be hosted anonymously by zeronet e.g.
  • Your website, your price: You declare the price for each content according to your target group. Feel free to grab a cheap link from another site and sell it for a higher price or vice versa. Your house, your rules.
  • Flexible pricing: Currently we offer 3 Models: Fixed Price, Fixed additional charge on hosting costs, flexible charge on host costs. Be as competitive as your customers demand.
  • Easy content management: Pictures, Meta-Text, File attributes describing the content in multi languages and additional user comments can be grabbed from a central resource, the GFR (GlobalFileRegistry.org).


Advantages for hoster

  • Monetization: You declare your costs/GB and all downloads are payed without the hassle of own payment and subscription management 
  • Easy setup: You declare your bandwidth costs and add an address for your free storage space to the cache-shell. All management between the p2p core and your storage is done by the system (upload, replication, deletion of low traffic files). 
  • No censorship, take down abuse: You are part of an global ultra-RAID-system without any knowledge about content. What you host are chunks of data, without any use to anyone. Legally you benefit as a transmission-cache from service provider privileges. You are free to delete any chunk, since replication is done by the system.
  • No RAID, more space: Hoster need no RAID or other data protection systems Cloud object stores typically use RAID schemes or a multi-datacenter approach to protect the file from physical or network failure. Since data protection and redundancy is managed by the system, no protection is necessary on hosters side, saving up to 200% storage place and costs.



Once a file is published, it cannot be deleted, not even by the uploader him/herself. It will disappear from the server-shell (unpredictable) after a time of not downloading the file. It will nearly never disappear from the p2p-core and can (if requested) appear in the server shell at any time. Censorship Resilience was one of the central architectural goals. ​


Payment Methods

Anonymous Services: www.coupon-cash.com, Nimiq, Bitcoin, Bit Cash..

Trusted Services: like Paypal, Creditcard, Bank Wire etc.

Note: All transfers are account based, records for single content are recorded without revealing information about content or filename (Only Download-Size and Date) and can be deleted on your confirmation.


We believe in open, free and uncensored network and communication.

You own the data. You control the network. Indeed, you are the network.