Market comparison
Market comparison 9/2018 Pro Con
Peer to Peer (P2p) No single Point of failure, decentralized Not anonymous = high risks, slow, speed and availability limited by upload and users
Client-Server (CS) Privacy, Highspeed, Availability Single point of failure, subscriptions, malware
Hybrid (P2P+CS) Privacy, Highspeed, Availability, legal, anonymous, no malware, single points of failures dynamically replaced -

File-Sharing Feature Comparison as of 9/2018

  Bittorrent Central Hoster Pure P2P
IPFS, Filecoin,
StorJ, Maidsafe
Typical Website -, Dropbox, google-Drive - Any Publisher 
Website with UU-Account
Uploader-Privacy No, IP visible for 3rd-Party and service No, visible to Hoster No, visible for 3rd-Party and service IP + file-id visible to Hoster Only IP visible to Hoster, who does not know file content or id
DL-Speed Middle Fast Very slow Very fast Ultra fast (parallel DL)
Integr. Payments for Uploader/ Publishers No No No Yes, Bitcoin-Cash Yes, all online Payments
Steal Uploader Revenues? - - - Yes , reupload content No, first uploader participates for lifetime (hash)
User Anonymity No , IP visible for 3rd-Party and service IP, Account, filename visible to Hoster No , IP visible for 3rd-Party and service IP + Pay-ID visible to service? Only IP and only visible to Hoster
Hoster Privacy (Target for Takedown-Notice) No No No ? Yes , no files, only hidden chunks
Resell-Links No No No No All users can
Double Content Protection No No Yes ? Yes
Privacy against provider No No P2P traffic visible ? Yes , encrypted chunk download

We decided to go different ways during the design of our cloud storage networks:
• UU does not bundle metatext/Descriptions, pictures to the content (like container solutions e.g. MegaNet). In order to deactivate fakes faster and more secure, 3rd-party services allow user comments for each content. The community can add as much meta information (crosslinks/ bundlings) as necessary to any given hash-id/unique file.
• Download and reupload of content under different id and different beneficiary of payment is not possible in UU. Lifetime guarantee for uploader, first come, first serve.
• In UU the uploader sets his price as well as the publisher (website owner), where a link is published.
• Reassigning content-payment target to copyright holder/claimer/take down abuser/copyright trolls is not possible for technical reasons. There is no human interaction in the whole process, no single point of human legal decision for different legislatives. Once a file is dumped in the deep deep space of IPFS-peer to peer cloud storage kernel, its public for anyone to use. About Details of deleting or revoking files within the IPFS system see there.

Relevant articles:
• More differences are likely as both systems are under development and can not yet be compared seriously.